Funding research that leads to the prevention and cure of
asthma and allergic and immunologic disease

Special Events

Foundation Support Ribbons


Add some color to your meeting badge by purchasing Foundation Support Ribbons. All Support Ribbon proceeds go to support our Grow Allergy & Immunology Now (GAIN) Campaign.

Friend of the President Ribbon

Thank our AAAAI President David B. Peden, MD, MS, FAAAAI for his year of service to the AAAAI with the $100 purchase of a Friend of the President Ribbon.

New Allergist and Immunologist Assembly (NAIA) Ribbon

Your donation of $50 as a member of the New Allergist and Immunologist Assembly entitles you to wear a "NAIA Supports AAAAI Foundation" ribbon during the Joint Congress.

Purchase Ribbons

You can purchase ribbons online through the 2018 Joint Congress registration site. Look for Foundation items in the Activities and Guest section. You can also purchase ribbons by calling Foundation staff at (414) 272-6071.

Please note pre-registration for all Foundation Special Events and Support Ribbons closes February 20, 2018. Onsite registration will open March 1, 2018 in Orlando.

Support Ribbon Pick Up

Please visit the AAAAI Foundation booth onsite in Orlando to pick up your support ribbons. The booth is located in the Orange County Convention Center, South Concourse, Level 2, across from S220A.

Booth Hours:
Thursday, March 1 from 4pm-7pm
Friday, March 2 from 7:30am-5:30pm
Saturday, March 3 from 7:30am-2:00pm
Sunday, March 4 from 7:30am-12pm