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Heritage Lectureship


The AAAAI Foundation is proud to introduce the AAAAI Foundation Heritage Lectureship. The Lectureship is our way of honoring and memorializing former members whose lectureship tenure has passed, but still have funds to support more education. Remaining assets from the AAAAI lectureships presented at the Annual Meeting were graciously transferred to the Foundation to create the Heritage Lectureship.

The following lectureships will be transformed into the first Heritage Lectureship at the 2019 Annual Meeting:

The Robert J. Becker Memorial HEDQ Lectureship

Lectureship Tenure: 15 years

The Robert J. Becker Memorial HEDQ Lectureship was started in 1992 with a donation by Robert J. Becker, MD, FAAAAI. Becker was a member of the AAAAI for 50 years from 1947 until his death in 1997. Becker was a practicing allergist and was founder of First Health Group Corporation of Downers Grove, Illinois. He was interested in the social, economic and political aspects of medicine in the United States.

The Jerry Dolovich Memorial Lectureship

Lectureship Tenure: 19 years

Jerry M. Dolovich, MD, divided his professional work between clinical allergy and allergy-related research and teaching. Dolovich’s main initial research interest was late allergic responses. He concentrated his research on practical problems encountered in the clinic, including the identification of ethylene oxide as an allergen. His later research interests were in the study of nasal polyps. Dolovich’s personal and professional characteristics endeared him to many and facilitated the process of discovery in his science. He was valued and beloved by his patients, colleagues and students. He knew and never forgot his facts, and he never forgot his patients.

The Elliot Middleton Memorial Lectureship

Lectureship Tenure: 16 years

Elliott M. Middleton, MD, FAAAAI, was interested in research early in his career as a medical student at Columbia. His research continued and flourished throughout his academic career. His focused on the various biochemical factors that governed the in vitro release of histamine from animal and human peripheral blood leukocytes, adrenergic-cholinergic “imbalance” in allergic reactions and asthma, α-adrenergic effects on leukocyte function in asthmatic individuals, and the biochemical basis for the modulation of allergic reactions by drugs. Later in his life, he became a recognized expert on flavonoids. Middleton also served as AAAAI President and was a fine clinician and outstanding teacher, as the more than 75 fellows he mentored during his career will attest.

The John E. Salvaggio Memorial Lectureship

Lectureship Tenure: 16 years

John E. Salvaggio, MD, FAAAAI, was Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Tulane University and in 1989 became Vice Chancellor for Research. He was president of the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and played a major role in developing the standards and credentials during the board’s formative years. He also served on the Executive Committee of the AAAAI and was President from 1985 to 1986.

Salvaggio’s main research interests related to the mechanisms and pathogenesis of occupational and environmental pulmonary disease induced by organic dust and simple chemicals. He authored or co-authored more than 400 original scientific articles, books and chapters.

The Burton Zweiman Memorial Lectureship

Lectureship Tenure: 17 years

Burton X. Zweiman, MD, FAAAAI, is widely regarded for his many accomplishments in the education, research and clinical arenas. His extraordinary skills as an educator won him the most prestigious teaching awards at Pennsylvania University. In the research arena, he made important contributions to our early understanding of the actions of immunosuppressive agents. He made seminal observations on the immunopathogenesis of demyelinating diseases and, throughout his entire career, provided important insights into the cellular basis of IgE-mediated inflammation. In the clinical arena, Zweiman is recognized as the physician’s physician.

The AAAAI Foundation and Heritage Lectureship is fully funded. If you wish to contribute in honor of Drs. Becker, Dolovich, Middleton, Salvaggio and Zweiman you can make donations to the AAAAI Foundation's GAIN Campaign, to fund research that leads to the prevention and cure of asthma and allergic and immunologic disease. Your name will be listed as a donor in the Annual Report of the AAAAI Foundation. Your donation makes a difference. We appreciate your support and your commitment to our specialty.

To make a contribution by phone, contact the AAAAI Foundation Office at (414) 272-6071.

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