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2016 Staff Campaign

In honor of our First Birthday as the AAAAI Foundation, American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology staff participated in a Staff Giving Campaign. We are proud to say that our staff giving rate of 97% reflects our team’s commitment to the future of the Allergy/Immunology specialty and the importance of research in improving patient care.

Some staff members made their gift in honor of a favorite AAAAI member, or a physician with whom they’ve worked closely during their time at AAAAI. The campaign wrapped on September 1, 2016 with a birthday breakfast in gratitude for a great team effort.


2016 AAAAI Staff Donors

Andrea Scholfield, Anne Koenings, Brian Balistreri, Dan Nemec, Dawn Angel, Deborah Levinson, Ellen Price, Gail Radecki, Jerome Schultz, John Augustyniak, Josh de Beer, Justin Byrne, Katy Tomczak, Kay Whalen, Ken Buesing, Laura Plizka, Lauri Sweetman, Lee Wiensch, Mari Duran, Megan Brown, Nicole Schmidt, Rachel McCormick, Rachel Orlopp, Renee Vandlik, Roberta Slivensky, Shauna Barnes, Sheila Heitzig, Steve Folstein and Ximena Restrepo